Every October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month with the goal of bringing attention to digital security and empowering people to protect their personal data from cybercrime. Since there’s been an increase in hybrid and remote working, now is the time to take steps to ensure your personal data is secure. 

Be in the know to prevent cybercrime:          

  • Click with caution: Always think before you click. Sometimes, cybercrime occurs through a link – this is becoming harder to spot as cybercriminals enhance their tactics.
  • Secure passwords: While it may be easy to remember, having the same or a similar password for everything can be very dangerous as that’s just what the bad guys are looking for. Ensure your passwords are strong enough to withstand attackers. Using password management tools can help keep passwords safe, secure and all in one place.
  • Device security: Don’t keep putting off those update alerts until tomorrow – act today, or even better yet, turn on automatic updates to ensure your systems are up to date and continue running smoothly 
  • Enable two-factor authentication: Add an extra layer of protection by enabling two-factor authentication to ensure your accounts are truly safeguarded from attackers by using an extra step to confirm your identity. 

How does NetSupport support cybersecurity? 

At NetSupport, we know a thing or two about online safety and ensuring your IT infrastructure is secure. Our innovative IT software can help you to create a safe and secure environment. 

Since many workforces have shifted to a hybrid structure, organisations need high-quality software to not only ensure employees are working safely and productively, but to also help technicians maintain a healthy network company-wide. From password protection to data encryption and security keys, NetSupport Manager is known for its security credentials and allows organisations to provide IT management and remote device management centrally and securely.

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