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When is a network problem not a problem? When your tech has taken care of it, of course!

It’s a trying environment for businesses right now. They’re all experiencing tight financial times after the pandemic and now, in the cost-of-living crisis, the last thing they need is extended downtime. What they need instead is a tool to help keep networks running smoothly – and NetSupport Manager v14 has just the thing!

How it works

In the latest version of NetSupport Manager, we’ve added load balancing gateways to help make networks more resilient. Put simply, this is a kind of safety net for connection requests. If there’s just one Gateway that handles all of the company’s connection requests and it fails, that means a period of downtime where nobody can connect while technicians come to the rescue.

To avoid this situation, NetSupport Manager provides load balancing gateways as a backup. This means businesses can create a cluster of gateways that work together, managing the connections and passing them from a primary gateway to the next available one with enough capacity to support it. Then, in the event that one of these gateways goes down, the existing connections are automatically redistributed between the others, meaning any disruption or downtime is kept to a minimum. This is especially useful for larger businesses, as it ensures consistent maximum performance and reliability without the need for operators to even get involved.

The benefits of load balancing gateways:
  • make networks more resilient
  • avoids a single point of failure
  • automatically redistribute connections when required
  • reduced downtime
  • scalable and flexible
  • proactive and efficient!

If you’re an existing NetSupport Manager customer, be sure to upgrade to version 14 – and for any company currently considering NetSupport Manager, let this be another reason to put it on your wish list!

Learn more about NetSupport Manager version 14 here.