July is Ransomware Awareness Month in the US, but it’s always good to stay informed of the risks, regardless of where your company is based!

Things have got crazy

Things have certainly moved on since the scam emails about helping an African prince access his money and getting a ‘reward’ afterwards. There’s serious money to be made in cyber-attacks on businesses and, for those in the know, hijacking an organisation’s data and then offering to sell it back to them for an exorbitant sum is an easy way to make a shedload of cash.

Since the seismic shift to homeworking in 2020, the cyber-attack rate has skyrocketed. Suddenly, multiple entry points opened up into the hearts of business networks everywhere as they scrambled to get online to continue running their operations and facilitate their staff to work remotely. It’s inevitable that, in the scrum, some left themselves exposed to malicious actions by cybercriminals.

It’s estimated that ransomware cost the world $20 billion in 2021 and is set to increase year on year, so the more businesses can learn about how to tackle the threat, the better!

Finding a way in

It’s not only small businesses that can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks – large organisations are at risk too. Think of the recent attacks on Colonial Pipeline in the US, Tesco supermarket in the UK and the Canadian foreign ministry – all have extremely capable IT departments to look after things and still the cybercriminals got through.

For any company, being diligent is key, especially with entry points available for criminals to exploit, such as:

  • websites
  • ‘Meet the team’ web pages with staff email addresses listed
  • online booking
  • online ordering
  • online banking
  • devices connected to networks – and more.

And, just when your IT technicians think they have it sorted, along comes another type of attack. It’s a constantly changing landscape and a continual race to try to keep one step ahead of what’s coming next.

Staying secure

All organisations have a need to keep their data safe but some require top-level security. Banks, government departments, law firms and military bases often opt to keep all of their systems protected by using on-premises solutions that don’t require them to connect with third-party providers, thereby reducing the possibility of unauthorised entry into their systems.

NetSupport Manager is one such solution. It helps businesses deliver the most secure IT device management and remote support. Developed over 30 years, it’s trusted by organisations that need to ensure the highest security – and, with many long-time customers, it’s proof that it works.

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