Children and Young People Now recently published, ‘Why we can’t turn our back on EdTech’, written by our CEO, Al Kingsley. In the article, Al discussed the end of the Government’s flagship EdTech demonstrator programme and makes a case for continued and sustained investment in EdTech.

Highlighting the benefits of flexible EdTech and the ability to extend learning, Al says:

“As seen throughout the pandemic, EdTech has facilitated improved collaboration between schools, staff and students. Resources including lesson plans or subject specialisms can be shared between schools virtually, helping extend access to creative and engaging class activities, and even allowing students to partake in subjects unavailable within their own school.”

The benefits of EdTech for students goes beyond the classroom and helps ensure they are prepared for the future. Al mentions:

“Additionally, the integration of digital technology into everyday school life boosts digital skills, which are vitally important given that 82 per cent of online job descriptions now stipulate digital skills as a role requirement. Frequent use of technology also helps empower young people to become respectful and safe digital citizens as they grow up in an increasingly digitised world.”