We’re excited to have our very own CEO and published author, Al Kingsley, contribute to the Unlabeled Leadership podcast! Hosted by Gary DePaul, this series explores leadership through personal experiences from contributors, based on their own journey. 

In this episode, ‘Al Kingsley Does Not Speak in Code,’ you’ll discover some guiding leadership principles from Al, as well as the importance of not speaking in code to more easily communicate and interact to help build better relationships.  

Al highlights this key quote as being a guide to his leadership style: “You are born with two eyes, two ears and one mouth – we should remember to use them in appropriate proportions.” In addition, Al further highlights the importance of focusing on listening and collaboration with your team to help empower the best qualities. 

Be sure to listen to the full podcast below to find out more leadership tips. Also, stay tuned in with Al on Twitter at @AlKingsley_Edu and check out his latest must-read book ‘My Secret #EdTech Diary’