We’ve just released our latest insightful episode of NetSupport Radio – and we hope you check it out!

In this episode, our CEO, Al Kingsley, interviews Mike Palmer to discuss “Education: Challenges, Trends and Solutions”. Mike Palmer is the Founder of Palmer Media and host of Trending in Education.

Here are some of the questions that Mike answers in this episode:

  1. What is the most important trend in education right now?
  2. What is the most significant trouble spot and potential solutions?
  3. Do we have the right people at the table talking about these solutions?
  4. What is a bright spot in education? How can we make more of that happen?
  5. Who has been one of your favourite guests on your podcast?
  6. Where do you hope the conversation goes in the next school year? Are we done talking about the pandemic shift or is that a conversation that should keep going?

Want more info? Why not connect with Mike and Al on Twitter. You can follow Mike at @madintangibles and Al at @AlKingsley_Edu.

Want to watch the show now? Simply click play on the video below.