Read our new article, ‘Not Being Clouded by the Cloud’! 

Have you ever felt clouded by the cloud? Well, you’ll definitely want to read our recent article, ‘Not Being Clouded by the Cloud’ written by our CEO, Al Kingsley, published in The American Consortium for Equity in Education.

With the word ‘cloud’ being used daily now in remote education technologies, it can get overwhelming for teachers and schools to know what’s what and keep up with the latest tools – but, according to Al, “the cloud is just a way to envision where education tools live – the tools themselves and how they’re used are what matter.” 

Cloud-based learning tools can be helpful in expanding access to learning resources and can be beneficial for schools and districts. Al says: “If the term ‘cloud’ is clouding how or how often teachers and schools are using remote education technologies, that’s too bad because very few things have the power to do more good, to expand access to quality instruction at scale, than do teaching online and delivering high-quality tools online.”