We’ve had another article published in Teach Middle East Magazine and we’re thrilled about it! “Increasing Teachers’ EdTech Confidence One Step at a Time,” discusses the struggles educators have had to overcome this past year with the abrupt changes due to the pandemic and outlines tips to become more confident with EdTech.

Al mentions three lines of approach for teachers to become more comfortable using technology: 

  1. Preparing by yourself – “Practising on the actual device you will be using to teach with makes sense and will eliminate the additional worry of having to lead a class with unfamiliar technology.” 
  2. Working with colleagues – “Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or tips on the solutions you are getting to grips with.” 
  3. Gaining support from senior leaders – “If you have training needs, then share them with your leaders. This way, the school will be aware of the measures they need to put in place to ensure their EdTech goals are achievable.” 

The use of technology in schools is vital to help prepare students for an increasingly digital world. This is why being familiar with technology can go a long way in boosting teachers’ confidence and help create an effective digital strategy throughout the entire school.