CEO Al Kingsley discusses the importance of schools and edtech provides working together

We’re delighted to be featured in eSchool News! Be sure to check out our article “Working together: questions schools should ask edtech providers” written by our CEO, Al Kingsley.  

Discussing the importance of schools and edtech providers working together to provide effective solutions, Al says: “Extending that cooperative spirit to embrace edtech vendors is a beneficial mindset for schools. It’s a great chance for teachers to provide real-world guidance and feedback to developers, helping them to shape solutions that fulfil a real purpose and with specific functionality the school needs.” 

Here are some questions Al suggests schools can ask when considering the benefits of partnership working with an edtech vendor. 

  1. Do we have a clear idea of what our students and teachers need and why? 
  2. Is the company invested in the education sector? 
  3. How much time is needed to build from scratch or modify an existing product?