NetSupport School for Chrome makes it easy for teachers to deliver instruction to students using Chrome devices (as well as other platforms) and maximise the effectiveness of technology-enhanced teaching.

The latest update to NetSupport School’s Student Chrome Extension provides new features and enhancements to further support schools in monitoring and managing students’ Chromebooks.

Enhanced Thumbnail View: Teachers (using Windows) can view all activity on the students’ devices within the thumbnail view – not just the activity taking place in the open browser window.

Student View: In addition to viewing student activity via the thumbnail view, teachers can now open a separate view session to discreetly monitor the student’s screen and take a closer look at activity – perfect for ensuring students are on task with their learning activities.(Windows only).

Key features also include:

  • Broadcast your Windows desktop screen to all or selected students’ Chromebooks
  • Interact with students in real time via chat or sendattention-grabbing messages/instruction
  • Launch a website on students’ Chromebooks to get classes started quickly
  • Assess progress and topic understanding with class surveys
  • Monitor all/selected students’ screens to ensure they’re on task
  • Gain attention by locking students’ mice and keyboards
  • Support students with help requests and Student Feedback Mode to gauge wellbeing
  • Stay safe with ‘allowed’ and ‘restricted’ website lists
  • Integrate with your Google Classroom platforms

To view all the features available for Chrome, please click here.