In a report by 1E according to, it highlighted that on average companies are wasting 26% of their software spend in the UK (the figure is higher for several other countries)! Communication between departments was highlighted as the leading cause along with the need for companies to know what and how their current software is being used.

It was also reported by in a 2019 ‘State of IT’ report by Spiceworks that businesses don’t know where 10% of their software budget is being allocated.

Using NetSupport DNA’s Software Inventory, organisations can manage licence compliance and reduce software overspend by accurately reporting installed software and proactively identifying PCs with software that has no or low usage.

A detailed summary of all programs and applications installed on each PC is provided, including Windows 8 and 10 store apps. NetSupport DNA can display the information for a selected PC, a department or a custom group and features an extensive module for assigning and tracking licence use. The NetSupport DNA software licence module supports the ongoing management of all software licences for each department − recording suppliers, purchase and invoice details, department or cost centre allocation and the tracking of maintenance contracts as well as storing PDF copies of any supporting documents.

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