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Warwick District Council

Apr 17, 2017

Tass Smith, Applications Support Manager

Tell us about Warwick District Council
The district council headquarters are based in Leamington Spa where over 500 employees manage issues such as waste management, the collection of council tax, planning/building regulations, council housing and council house repairs.

What were the challenges you were trying to solve?
We urgently needed to find an easy-to-use, low-cost Helpdesk system which would enable us to automate processes. Our existing Helpdesk was really too big a product for our requirements, had been heavily customised (which made for a difficult upgrade path) and its annual support and maintenance was very expensive.

Why did you choose NetSupport ServiceDesk?
We find NetSupport ServiceDesk is easy to configure and we don’t need to rely on any special development skills to do so.

How is the software currently being used in your organisation?
Our ICT Team members have access to the Service Desk software to log and track customer calls. Although we’ve deliberately not implemented self-serve (directly into Service Desk) to our end customers, where possible, calls are auto-created from incoming emails and are then manually allocated to the appropriate team member. Using the customised home screens option, we’ve created quick log buttons for different ICT teams to make it easy to log their top call types. We’re able to log Incidents, Service Requests and Change Requests. We don’t use the inbuilt Reports module. Instead we create Crystal Reports by interrogating the SQL database.

How/where has NetSupport added value?
ServiceDesk is great if you want an easy-to-use call logging system. NetSupport’s Technical Support team is really helpful!